April Wrap Up 2016

Ok, so last month turned out a bit crappy month for reading. Found out I am 13 books behind on my Goodreads goal.  Why oh why did I set myself to read 2 books a week. Aargh. And then with moving and all the yucky stuff that comes with moving, I barely have time to read... Continue Reading →


April Book Haul 2016

So for me my April haul is bigger than what I would usually buy for myself. I did also buy books for others as well. The Bookman #1 & The Great Game #3 (The Bookman Histories) by Lavie Tidhar. Unknowingly I bought #2 of this series first, and unfortunately #1 was getting re released so... Continue Reading →

May TBR 2016

This months TBR pile may be a little smaller, as all my books are packed away, and all I have out are series. So here is my TBR list for March.  Game of Thrones. A Dance with Dragons Pt. 2: After the Feast by George R.R Martin So I will be continuing on with this... Continue Reading →

April TBR 2016

Yes, I know it is almost the end of April, but hey this is my first post. So first off lets start with what books I plan on reading for the rest of April. I won't be noting the books I have already completed for April, just what I plan on attempting to finish before the... Continue Reading →

Welcome !!!

Heyyy. Welcome to my Blog. My name is Megan, but you can call me Meegy (everyone else does). I am 24 years young, married and have 2 of my own little Wyrmling's. Sooo I have decided to start a Blog so I can sharea few things I love. Which is mainly reading. I looove reading. I... Continue Reading →

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