Recap for 2017 & Goals for 2018

Hey Bookworms.

I am back, for how long I do not know. So lets start with last year, I read 153 books; totalling up to 55,882 pages. I loved almost all of them.

Stand Outs for 2017

The Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin, it was so good that I wanted to re read it again 3 months after I finished it, but I had so much more to read. But this will probably be one of the series I read first this year. If you love apocalyptic dystopian’s then this trilogy is for you.

And then there was ACOWAR and Tower of Dawn. I mean Sarah J Maas writes some of the most captivating characters and books. I wasn’t even angry that Tower of Dawn was just about Chaol. It was still amazing, and the showing of the new character (won’t say her name just in case you haven’t read it) was just awesome. I have been waiting for her to show and this was just the perfect re-entrance.

Bargains of 2017

I picked up The Mercy of Wolves Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater in HardCover for around $20, where the RRP for it here is $60, and the next day it went back up.

Then there was the whole series of The Sookie Stackhouse Series, so 13 books for $20 which was amazing, this was Pre Read, but they looked new and I was so stoked that all the books where there on one shelf.

And the buy I was most excited for is the Inkworld Trilogy by Cornelia Funke which I bought in December. I have been wanting to buy them for ages, but my online bookstore is either always out of stock or they have the hard cover ones. I found all 3 books in the one op shop for $2 each.

So what other bookish things did I do last year? Well other than request half my TBR for this year on NetGalley (so regretting it now), I joined a Book Club, well we are only small but I really like the girls that are in it. 😀 

Goals of 2018

This year I will be reading mainly all the books I own as well as the 70+ NetGalley books I have to get through. I requested way too much and will try not to request any more until I have read at least half of them. Just way too many, but they all look so good and I cannot wait until I get through all of them.

I will be buying new books here and there, but mainly only books for series that I need to finish, or really high rated books that I ‘NEED’, (Sarah J Maas books, haha), but mainly just sticking to what I own. So I am on a limited SELF BOOK BAN. Will it last probably not, I do currently have a WishList for around 70 new books. Pre Read books do not count in this ban, because hey when you see a bargain you have to grab it. Haha.

What are your expectations of 2018? What books are you excited for?



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