My Stephen King Journey Part 1

Hey guys, as you can tell by the title, I am going to discuss my journey so far of my Stephen King books. I have a like/dislike relationship with his books. But I liked more of his books that I have had, than disliked them. So down below I will list the books in order... Continue Reading →


February 2018 TBR

Ok, so this months TBR is a pretty long one, as I joined Book Battle again, and apparently every even month is going to be the HARD competition. So a lot more prompts to get through. I think I have 12 books planned for this month, but most of them are shortish, pretty much under... Continue Reading →

Book Battle

So in January I decided to join this Facebook group called Book Battle and I loved every minute of it. They give you prompts each month for books to read, just like any Challenge that is posted every month, but you work in a team of god knows how many lovely people, and you compete with... Continue Reading →

January 2018 WRAP UP

Hey Guys, Welcome to my January Wrap Up. It is now the end of the month and I competed in my first Book Battle this month, so a few books I read for that. I completed 12/104  books this month. Not too bad considering it is a busy month for me. I read 5 books... Continue Reading →


Hey Guys. So I finally got my tablet so I could write on. Thank you. So firstly I will be doing a Wrap Up in the first week of February. And then finding things to write about in the following weeks. So I will be all over the place for February, and then hopefully on... Continue Reading →

Update Post.

So to be honest, I have been slacking again. My current laptop is on it's way out, and it has been extremely hot here in Australia so I have barely been able to use it, as it has been freezing on me constantly. But that will all be changing soon, I am getting a tablet... Continue Reading →

Currently Reading Book Tag

I seen this currently reading tag  on Books & Munches  blog. So of course I asked if I could use it mine. 😀 GO AND CHECK HER OUT THE QUESTIONS How many books do you usually read at once? I have a very large pile of books that I am Currently Reading, this is because... Continue Reading →

January 2018 TBR

Hey guys. So today I am posting about my TBR for January. I am hoping to get through a tonne of books this year. But my main goal is to get through the books that have been high up on Goodreads list, since Day 1. Hahaha. Currently Reading   The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon... Continue Reading →

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